Professional / Industrial

Professional / Industrial

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Our solutions for professional / industrial

For professional / industrial applications, we provide ASIC design, FPGA design and AI product ideation for image sensors & semiconductor manufacturers, machine builders, vision systems and more.

Being an independent design services company, easics can provide you with unbiased technology and system architecture advice that perfectly matches your project requirements, budget and schedule.

AI close to the sensor

Our embedded AI services include product ideation and feasability studies, as well as automation, deep learning and more.

Product Ideation and feasibility studies
Automated quality inspection
Industrial HW accelerators for deep learning
Deep learning in the box
AI close to the sensor


Optimize your connectivity with TCP/IP, Ethernet IP and 5G.

1 Gb & 10Gb TCP/IP stack on hardware
Ethernet IP
5G - algorithms to be accelerated on ASIC and FGPA


We offer a range of solutions for industrial image sensors, vision systems and measuring equipment:

Digital macro integrated on chip for industrial high speed image sensors
FPGA development for measuring instruments to transfer data from image sensor to PC
Image sensor ASIC & FPGA for thermal infrared camera
digital sequencers to read out the analog pixel-array
real-time image enhancement on FPGA
on-the-fly high frame-rate, non-uniformity compensation and calibration
Product ideation for vision systems: hardware and embedded software
Gigevision frame grabber - VHDL programming
Industrial vehicles

Industrial vehicles

AI inference, industrial communication and functional safety for vehicles, automotive, unmanned vehicles and robotics:

AI hardware accelerators for realtime object detection
CAN & ethernet communication for railway and automotive
Lidar point cloud processing
Safety critical applications