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    easics NV

    Diestsevest 32 box 2B
    3000 Leuven, Belgium

    Visiting the office

    By foot, bike, train or bus
    The easics office is located at a 5′ walk from the train station. Exit the station at the Martelarenplein, turn right on the Diestsevest towards the Artoisplein and you can find the entrance at your right-hand side.
    By car, coming from the Artoisplein
    Convenient parking options are available just a 5-minute walk away from our office. Choose from the following nearby public parking facilities:

    – De Bond (located beneath the train station at Martelarenplein)
    – Station P1 (Martelarenlaan)
    – Kinepolis (Bondgenotenlaan)

    After parking, head towards the Acerta building, situated on the corner near the bus station. Follow Diestsevest in the direction of Artoisplein, and you will find the entrance on your right-hand side.

    By car, coming from the Tiensepoort
    When nearing the Martelarenplein, drive through the tunnel until you reach the large roundabout at the Artoisplein. Keep on your left, take the exit towards the train station and follow the instructions above.