easics has been offering custom ASIC and FPGA design services for over 30 years, making us a top provider of design and supply services.

with advanced FPGA design expertise and a focus on high-speed interfacing, DSP & image processing, SoC and SoM boards we enable faster time-to-market for innovative products.

our extensive experience in both ASIC and FPGA design allows us to deliver high-quality designs tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

easics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

the benefits of a comprehensive design company

opting for a FPGA design company that additionally specializes in ASIC design provides several benefits over selecting a company that exclusively focuses on FPGA design:


    our experience in ASIC design helps to improve the FPGA designs, which leads to better designs that are optimized for performance, cost, and reliability.

seamless integration

    expertise in both ASIC and FPGA technologies enables seamless collaboration between them, reducing development time and cost, which is crucial as many applications require their integration.

improved design quality

    our skills enhance the designs by identifying potential issues early on, leading to better overall design quality, reliability, and performance.

risk reduction

    our deep understanding in designing complex systems enable early issue identification, reducing the risk of costly errors later in the development process.

cost savings

    leveraging our design expertise enables more cost-effective solutions and reduces development time and costs through easier integration.


    customizable solutions to meet the unique needs and requirements of each specific project, including RISC-V, microblaze and NIOS processors.

what people say?

From the moment we met easics, it was evident that they stood out for their solid and competitive offer. During our initial visit, it was clear that this company effectively assists in creating a customized technical solution to meet our specific needs. As a result, our collaboration with easics was smooth. The process of creating specifications, conducting technical reviews, and receiving post-project support was carried out in a positive atmosphere and with a great deal of expertise.
Jean-Marc Wislez
Flight Systems Division Manager
Space Applications Services

chip solutions for highly demanding markets

easics develops FPGAs tailored to the customer needs and market requirements.

we keep up-to-date with the latest semiconductor technology trends and chip design & verification methodologies.

advanced FPGA design services

we specialize in advanced FPGA design services, with a particular focus on delivering:

we also offer FPGA development for ASIC prototyping, validation & demo

reducing development time and cost while ensuring high-quality validation before ASIC volume production. our ASIC design expertise combined with FPGA prototyping allows us to provide comprehensive solutions for your design needs.

case studies

using an FPGA to read out the data from an image sensor and transfer the data to the PC

customer was looking for a reliable machine vision partner for FPGA logic development.

Automated high-resolution vision solution for quality control and deep learning training.

with a performance below 60ms,
combining both image and lidar data

development process

our FPGA design services support all major FPGA vendors

some of our clients

driving technology for leading brands

first-time right

we also offer semiconductor IP cores:

looking for ASIC design?

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