Solutions for medical imaging and wearables

In the medical sector, we have a lot of experience with projects for medical imaging and wearables, for which we provide ASIC Design, FPGA projects, AI and TCP/IP products.

Being an independent design services company, easics can provide you with unbiased technology and system architecture advice that perfectly matches your project requirements, budget and schedule.

AI close to the sensor

Together with our customers in medical imaging (like ultrasound and X-ray) and wearables we build medical embedded ML solutions on FPGA.

We start from the requirements of the application, build easy to use real-time prototypes at the edge and help you with bringing your AI algorithms to production.

Product Ideation and feasibility studies
Hardware accelerator IP for deep learning
Deep learning in the box
Automated quality inspection
AI close to the sensor
medical imaging

Medical imaging

For medical imaging we are experienced in digital macros for image sensors, deep learning acceleration and TCP/IP core for medical devices.

Digital macro for X-Ray image sensor
FPGA development for medical vision systems
TCP/IP core for client/server communication on medical equipment
Hardware accelerators for deep learning in medical imaging


For wearables, we have experience with ASIC Design Services and FPGA emulation

ASIC development for hearing aid devices
Design for ultra low power
Wireless NFMI radios
Hearing implant communication via RFlink
DSP processor
ASIC verification and medical certification for high reliability
including FPGA test environment development
medical wearables