And beyond

And beyond


Our solutions for various markets

We do not limit ourselves to certain sectors as a company. Apart from the previous markets, we also have experience in test & measurement, space, broadcast, automotive, and many more.

Being an independent design services company, easics can provide you with unbiased technology and system architecture advice that perfectly matches your project requirements, budget and schedule.

Test and measurement

We have broad experience in designing ASICs and doing FPGA development for measuring systems:

Telecommunication (handheld) testers
High data-rate transmission and bandwidth ASICs
High speed interface
1 Gb and 10Gb TCP/IP stack in hardware
Client/server protocol communication
Test and measurement


A range of solutions for ASIC and FPGA applications in space:

high reliability
radiation-hardened ASIC
ultra-low / cryogenic temperature (down to 77 Kelvin)
FPGA test board development
FPGA development on space-grade FPGAs
Space-grade ethernet


We offer solutions in high speed connectivity, video compression, image analysis and realtime pattern recognition:

Digital macro for Video codecs
FPGA conversion to custom ASIC
FPGA development for broadcast equipment to transfer data from image sensor to PC
FPGA development on proprietary FPGA cards
integrate neural network algorithms on FPGA-based hardware platforms.