Design Engineers


Design Engineers

Design Engineer
(FPGA, ASIC, embedded software)

Whether this is your first application, or you’ve already had a first job experience, we’ll give you an extensive training, and a growing responsibility for a wide variety of projects.

We expect that:

  • you’re a team player.
  • you’re an analytic problem solver.
  • you’re creative and eager to learn.
  • you have a keen interest in digital embedded systems and software methodology.
  • you have a Master of Science or PhD degree in Electronics Engineering (Embedded Systems and Multimedia, or Electronics and Integrated Circuits), Computer Science/Engineering, Applied Mathematics, or similar from an internationally reputed university.
  • you’re fluent in English.
  • you have a working knowledge of Dutch, since the language at the office is Dutch.

It’s a plus if:

  • you have some programming experience. E.g., in a university project, a contribution to an open-source project, as a hobby, etc. Show us your project on github!
  • you’re fluent in Dutch.

You’ll soon come into contact with:

  • FPGA and digital ASIC design and verification
  • (embedded) software design
  • modeling and verification of large digital systems
  • C++, SystemC, VHDL, (System)Verilog, MATLAB, GNU/Linux

You will work at the easics offices located at Diestsevest 32 (Leuven, Belgium).

You will have regular meetings at customer locations in Belgium and sporadically in other (mostly European) countries.

Easics is an equal opportunity employer. We value and recognize your talent with an attractive remuneration package.

Senior Design Engineer
(FPGA, ASIC, embedded software)

For more infomation, contact us.