Team LEGO Building


Team LEGO Building

On the 18th of August 2017, easics organized a Team Building with LEGO bricks.
It was educational experience for our engineers and summer students.

Our host was the famous LEGO Certified Professional/LEGO Serious Play® Coach/Master Micro-Electronics Engineering/Comedian & Singer Dirk Denoyelle.

Dirk guided us through his world of Lego bricks.

We were divided in 4 teams, each team had bricks in one color.
Our first assignment was to choose an original name, here the result:

  • team blue: the woodpeckers
  • team red: the red zone
  • team yellow: kubus
  • team orange: de muzikale Harry Potters

After an afternoon of building and explaining what we were building and why, the result was an ideal easics city in 4 divisions (4 colors):

  • blue: entrance to the ideal office, including the gate
  • red: our values reflected by several statues
  • yellow: a national recreation park, with banana trees, tigers and deers
  • orange: the easics’ logo with the sand glass and pyramids upside down

By doing this, we learned that there was desire for ‘entertainment’ at the easics’ office.
Result: we received a ‘play-station’ and ‘WII’ a few weeks later for our recreation room!
A dog in the office would be a bit too complicated…


Some impressions