Team Building by easics


Team Building by easics

Creativity and originality are a must

On Thursday August 9th 2018 we were expected at Kokima Event Castle at Kortessem for a team building day where, after a cup of coffee, we were welcomed by our consultant Marc for a short briefing of the day. We only heard about the first activity in the morning and the rest of the day was to be a surprise.

We received a bracelet in different colours by which we were divided in teams. We were all sent to different rooms and had to build a creative and original construction: 1 team with Kapla blocks, 1 team with Knexx and 1 team with Lego. We brainstormed as a team about the construction and also had to prepare a pitch presenting our work. In the meantime the clock was ticking after which we were send to another teams room where we had to write down the technical specs of another teams construction, drawings were also permitted. After this timed activity we were sent to the 3rd teams room where we had to rebuild the construction of the 3rd team based on the technical specs. This was not an easy job but we had great fun! We had a nice lunch inside the castle.

After this we were all called outside for quad rides on a course in front of the castle. After the safety instructions we first had some time getting used to the quad after which we had competitive races. The course started off as a nice grass-land and ended by being very muddy due to the heavy rain falling out of the sky and quads accelerating at warp speed. Fortunately the rain didn’t last.

In the afternoon we were brought to a big tent where we were challenged with all kind of games with drones, this was an easy job for the people used to game controllers but certainly not an easy job for some others. Drones went the wrong direction, fell down on the floor, lost a wing, flew onto people, …

As a closure we were all invited to have some hamburgers, fishburgers, salads and fries in the courtyard of the castle where we could all have a nice reflection of the day.


Some impressions