My first digital steps


My first digital steps

On September 4th 2017 I took my first steps in the world of FPGA and ASIC design by taking on the role of Design Engineer at easics. They provided the opportunity to have hands-on experience with innovative digital design, while still having a down-to-earth company view that lets you refine your personal skills.

The first weeks consisted mainly of brushing up my programming skills (VHDL course) and learning the ins and outs of the incredibly useful in-house tools. Following this, I had the opportunity to work on a small research project, creating a fluent changeover between the training phase and being a full-fledged employee. Ensuing the first month I became a team member of an ongoing project. Throughout this period a supervisor was assigned that helped me whenever needed. When necessary there are also many other experienced people eager to help.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of my job is the diversity in utilised skills and variety in activities. Whether it is debugging of a complex hardware module, organising a quiz or participating in some external activities, there are countless challenges to surmount.

At easics you’re treated as a valued asset with a careful look towards your personal ambitions. This is mixed with a group of people who are passionate at heart, making for a great work environment with a stable balance between work and play.