ESAT info-evening

ESAT building

ESAT info-evening

ESAT info-evening for 1st Bachelor students

On Monday May 13th easics was present at the information evening for 1st Bachelor students of KU Leuven. The purpose of this event is to give a better idea to the students of the different career possibilites they will have by choosing their study ‘Electrical Engineering’. We were able to give a lot of information and to show demos. Students were very interested in our AI demo! The different demos shown were:

  • electrical vehicle (Energyville)
  • acoustic modem (Stadius)
  • sound through plastics (Micas)
  • music through visible light (Telemic)
  • private images in the cloud (Cosic)
  • automatic visual object counting (PSI)
  • AI demo (easics)

More information: ESAT @ KU Leuven

Some impressions