Product Ideation

Product Ideation

Product ideation for AI applications

Easics specializes in embedded vision and AI. You bring your algorithm, we build your (very) edge AI product.

easics uses its expertise in embedded and system-on-chip design to develop small, low-power and affordable AI engines .This way they run locally, close to your sensors, e.g. inside a smart camera, sorting machine, satellite, robot or vehicle.

Embedded AI: applications

Smart health: medical image analysis, low-power wearables and implants
Smart industry: Quality control in manufacturing of semiconductors, electronics, textiles, wood, chemicals or pharmaceuticals
Smart mobility: real Time detection of objects for autonomous driving and robotics
Smart agriculture: Real time image classification for food and flower sorting
Smart city: people, crowd and traffic monitoring
Application-specific machine vision systems
Smart cameras

Smart agriculture: counting orchids

demo- flow-2

Deep learning in the box

easics embeds Artificial Intelligence based on your trained deep learning network in your system. We connect the AI engine inside your application via an ethernet, PCIe or standard video interface. As a result your application is running on the (existing) CPU and the AI engine is based on an FPGA. An API is provided to integrate with your software. The plug and play solution makes any device smart by deploying the neural network of your choice.

Our solution works on available hardware like development kits, single board computers or PCIe interface cards. You can also customize the hardware by using an FPGA SoM including memory and the pre-loaded easics deep learning core . In this case you design your own carrier board. Let’s discuss how we get your application out of the cloud by creating your AI engine.

Applications that benefit from embedded AI are found in healthcare, industry 4.0, agriculture,  automotive and space.

Why choose easics for embedded AI?

AI engine at the point of data collection
Fast prototyping and proof of concept
Low and fixed latency
Low power including battery powered applications
Friendly hardware integration with standard video, ethernet or PCIexpress interface
Flexible software stack and plug and play API integration
Scalable solution for future product roadmap