Future proof digital chip design, taking into account the product road mapMost microelectronic systems are not isolated designs, but evolve with time, they are part of a roadmap. In order to protect your investment in the design of these complex systems, designs have to be implemented at the highest possible abstraction level and using the best possible hardware and software techniques available.

Easics' System-on-Chip digital design methodologyeasics has translated this vision in a system design methodology using advanced software techniques and own tools, which allow consistent and high-level design, including hardware-software trade-offs. Using these techniques and own tools improves the flexibility and adaptability to design specification changes, not only during the initial design but also later when the design needs to be updated to a changing environment or new requirements.



easics' mission is to become the best semiconductor design company through First Time Right designs and world-class design implementation methodology. easics wants to achieve this goal by becoming your long-term independent system partner, providing you with the best possible advice for building your microelectronic systems. Being independent allows easics at all times to select the appropriate implementation technology (ASIC, FPGA, etc.) and the right IP for your projects. easics' track record of more than hundred successful IC designs proves this to be the right strategy.