Quote by Roger May:

"security does not need safety, but safety needs security" 

Tuesday March 17 2015, I had the pleasure of joining Altera’s Exclusive Functional Safety Solutions Seminar in their office in V√©lizy, south of Paris. Whilst beforehand being a little bit afraid personally of an avalanche of standards and administration that would come with certification, the opposite was true.

It turned out to be an extremely interesting day, sitting together around the table with other colleague engineers from similar companies, and of course, Altera’s industrial safety expert: Roger May.

In the morning all basic IEC61508 concepts were treated, e.g. different system architectures (1oo1D, 1oo2, 2oo3...) from sensor to actuator to obtain a certain safety level.

A warm lunch was welcome to digest all those acronyms. Topping of with discussions with the Altera people about upgrading Easics’ hardware TCP/IP core supersafe as some kind of sweet dessert.

In the afternoon we went more in detail and hands on, being updated about Altera’s safety work so far and already available safety systems. To conclude, my eyes have opened and I am sure doors will open as well: FPGA safety certainly is a very interesting and fun world!

To be continued.

(And if you can’t wait: don’t hesitate to contact us at info@easics.be or myself at ilse@easics.be)

Photo unsafe construction