Arnoud Vangrunderbeek: Docx_tool

Easics is my first engineer related summer job and it has opened my eyes. My thoughts and experience about large companies at that time was not so positive but Easics totally changed that. It’s a beautiful company with a great atmosphere and no strict rules; no strict rules, I mean if you want to take a break in the midday, or you decide to go slack lining in the park (we actually did), there is no one to point you out. Of course at the end of the ride, the project has to be finished. And the members of Easics are there to help you reach the deadline.

Easics uses a tool called VCI to generate VHDL code. The purpose of the project was to generate a Microsoft Word document for every VCI generated project, written in Cpp.

Maxime Feyerick: VHDL parser tester

I worked on an internal tool during my summer job at Easics. More specifically I had to thoroughly test a framework which parsed and represented VHDL-code, then write a small application using the framework to demonstrate it to colleagues. Not only did I expand my knowledge about VHDL and C++ a lot while working on this project, at least as enlightening were the Easics Academy seminars, at which all coworkers attend to learn about interesting topics in programming and design tools. I liked working at Easics because it gave me the opportunity to be involved in a real engineering project while still being a student, and gave an insight in how a design company like Easics works.